Hadi, Trump discuss bilateral cooperation

//Hadi, Trump discuss bilateral cooperation

Hadi, Trump discuss bilateral cooperation


President Abdu R. Mansour Hadi and his US counterpart Donald Trumo have discussed the US-Yemeni cooperation in a number of areas including fighting terrorism in its various forms.
Trump organized a reception meeting for Hadi on the sideline of the UN General Assembly’s 73rd session in New York on Wednesday.

The meeting addressed the interferences and expansionist policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region and in Yemen in p

articular through its terrorist proxy, the Houthi militias. Iran supplies the Houthis with long range missiles for threatening the regional and intentional peace and for threatening the international navigation in the Red Sea.

The discussions also covered a range of other issues of common concern.
On the sideline of this meeting, Hadi also met the US Vice President Mike Pence.

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