President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi received on Tuesday ambassadors of the United States Mathew Tueller and of the United Kingdom Simon Schercliff and discussed with them latest developments in Yemen and realization of permanent peace.

He confirmed keenness of the Republic of Yemen on realizing peace on the three prime foundations (the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the UN resolution 2216) as the best and permanent choice.
“We are peace advocates and the war was forced on us and on our people by rebels of Houthi-Saleh’s alliance, who recoiled the national consistence to impose exotic agenda on our society and people,” said President.

“What we have warned off has become a reality in Sana’a through exotic agenda in which changing school textbooks with hateful sectarian thought is not its end,” he added.

He renewed keenness of peace, confirming provision help and support to the UN envoy to Yemen in his duties to realize peace.

He noted to his meetings’ fruitful results of meetings he held in New York on the sidelines of participation of the 72nd Round of the UN General Assembly with US and UK parties, as well as meetings with UN Secretary General and International Monetary Fund for supporting Yemen and establishing fund for this purpose.

He also talked about efforts of the government and its visits to liberated provinces, including Taiz for normalizing conditions and listening to people’s basic needs like services, development and security.

The two ambassadors expressed pleasure on meeting with the president for enhancing cooperation and consultation between their countries and Yemen and valued efforts of normalizing life and realizing security in liberated provinces.

They hoped for restoration of permanent peace to Yemen quickly and renewed their countries’ support for legal authority in Yemen and boosting cooperation and consultation for realizing peace and support of the UN envoy’s efforts.

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