President Abdu R. Mansour Hadi received the credentials of four new foreign diplomats today; the ambassadors of Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Srinlanka.

Upon receiving the credentials, Hadi met each ambassador separately and discussed with them the bilateral relations and cooperation.

He briefed them on the developments in Yemen and the consequences of the Saleh-Houthi militias’ war. He told the ambassadors: “We are giving you the picture of events so that you can realize the magnitude of suffering incurred by the putschists and their alien agenda, and to realize their hostile attacks against Yemen’s neighbors. Acts of rogue gangs that are only suspicious tools used by others.”

Hadi said Yemenis are “looking for peace which they deserve. Peace that is based on specific terms of reference; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dailogue and the UN’s relevant resolutions especially resolution no. 2216.”