IFAD has been financing development initiatives in Yemen since 1979. Yemen was one of the first countries to receive financing from the organization. To date IFAD has financed 22 development programmes and projects in Yemen, with a total of US$232.9 million in loans. The total cost of these programmes and projects, including co-financing, is US$232.9 million.

Early IFAD-funded initiatives supported the country’s development strategy, promoting crop intensification in the most suitable areas and building institutional capacity, as well as promoting the fisheries sector. The primary goal was to improve food security. Later programmes and projects addressed the isolation and marginalization of poor rural people and their exclusion from the benefits of economic activities. Since 2010 IFAD has begun to focus explicitly on the creation of economic and employment opportunities for the rural poor by whilst maintaining a focus on community mobilisation and strengthening of producer’s organisations, improving the management of natural resources and building resilience. [More]